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How to set up a desktop shortcut that connects directly to Shizweak via Steam.

How to set as your Steam browser home page.

Shizweak community central. Report issues, make suggestions, talk trash.'s loot maps of Chernarus, Fallujah, Lingor, Namalsk, Panthera, Takistan and Taviana. A marksman's quick reference guide to scoped rifles & HE rounds, created especially for Includes M24, DMR, SVD, CZ-550 and M203. Online notepad with save function. Keep track of grid co-ordinates, lock combinations, or the name of the guy who kicked your dog. Created for by RWS. The DayZ Epoch wiki, your source for building, crafting, and gold hoarding tips. Tip: It's often quicker to find stuff on the wiki using the Google search box below ;-)